5 Best Carbohydrate Foods to Gain Muscle

When looking to gain muscle, it is important that you know that diet is the most important factor and what you include in the diet will bring about the results of your work out. Carbohydrates or carbs are one of the most important components of food that will help you to develop your muscles. Carbs are the energy source for your body. Without carbs your body will not have the energy to work out. Therefore you should make sure that you take in the right amount of carbs before you work out. Below listed are some of the most important and basic food products that can be considered the best carbohydrate sources.

Fruit juices

This is one of the easiest ways to get carbs in your body. The fruit juices are essential part of your diet when you are trying to gain muscle. Not only will these supply you with carbs but also these will hydrate your body and give you the energy to work out. Keep juices in a bottle near you when you work out so that you can take a sip as you keep working out. You will find better results with the aid of juices.


With all the vegetables, the potatoes are one of the most common sources of carbohydrates. However French fries are not. Therefore do not think that if you grab a bad of fries you would gain loads of carbs to workout with. Avoid fried items when you are looking to gain muscles. There are many preparations with the potatoes that will help you make a delicious meal without having to fry it. You can boil then and mash them and also eat these with conjunction with other vegetables so that you can reap better benefits.


When trying to gain muscle and eat good food at the same time, pasta is your ideal choice of food. This is because pasta is a rich source of carbohydrates by itself. However do not fry the pasta. Instead try to boil and add flavour to it to make your meal more interesting. Throw in vegetables like cabbage lettuce spinach carrots and boiled meat if you must to make you meal more interesting and better tasting. You can also add flavouring considering the fact that they bring no fat along with them.


Perhaps the simplest source of carbohydrates that you can obtain is sugar. Sugar will help you to get your daily dose of energy. The insulin spike that is created by the sugar in the normal human body will help you to deliver the other nutrients that will help you to gain muscle in your body.

Dietary fibre

The Dietary fibres have no fat in them. Also these are slowly assimilated by the body so they ensure that you are satisfied with the food and you don’t grow hungry too often. Most importantly they ensure that you are getting your required dose of carbohydrates that will help you to get the necessary energy to perform your workouts.

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